Sunday, 4 July 2010

The French Tank Museum

Last month I visited the National Tank Museum of France. Located in the town of Saumur on the Loire ( wine growing region ! kill two birds with one stone ). Their website is

I should have taken some exterior photos of the museum, I will get the hang of this eventually.
Each vehicle has a board with information in French, English and German. The layout is similar to Bovington Tank Museum, in that the halls run in chronological order from WW1 through to the present.

The museum houses plenty of French tanks ( to be expected really ) but also a good selection of other major nations. They have an impressive collection of German tanks and boast the only running Tiger II in the world.

They also have on display several anti tank guns and artillery pieces.

They have a shop on site which is well stocked with model kits, but no cafe. If you find yourself near Saumur it is well worth a visit.

The WWII German hall.

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