Sunday, 29 July 2012

AAR on D Day plus 2

The only change I made to the previous blog detailing the forces involved, was to add a dummy blind each turn to the German forces at entry ( a very good suggestion posted on the TFL forum apologies for not noting your name. ).
Turn 1 and the Germans get Panzer Zug 1 plus an infantry zug arriving at entry point A. The panzers are spotted immediately by the vigilant tommies. Things begin to look ominous for the Brits as the turn card pops up each deal of the deck before tea break. ( for those not familiar with IABSM, the action stops on the deal of the tea break card and the deck is shuffled, this can result in lots actions before the turn is moved on on the appearance of the end of turn card. ) The German forces arriving quickly so that the British do not get chance to take on the attackers piecemeal.

 British troops use the cover of the woods, the panzers wary of getting too close to the woods stand off electing to fire high explosive shells at the Tommies.

  Lt. Baggs sends the Piat team to the left, putting the house between the armour and themselves.
 The German company HQ machine guns moved onto the hill to put suppressing fire into the woods. Walker having spotted them calls in the battalion mortars. All those hours put in on Salisbury Plain pay off with a devistating direct hit. The rapid fire of the mortars effectively neutralise the machine guns for the rest of the game. The rest of the German forces can be seen moving through the close Normandy lanes.

 The alert British soon spot most of the German blinds.
 Corporal Quaver the 6pdr IC takes careful aim on the panzer coming up the lane. The first shot misses its target, but a second aimed shot smashes into the track of the panzer immobilising it.

 The German tank commander frantically scans the woods edge for signs of the anti tank gun. He fires his high explosive rounds but only manages to inflict some shock upon the guns crew. The high British morale  eases the situation ( An allied rally card ).
Cpl Quaver takes another shot, hitting the tank again! , he fails to destroy his target, but the veteran crew of the tank know when their luck is up and the commander orders his crew to bail out. He has learned that it is easier to replace a tank than an experienced crew.

 The German platoon commander seeing the danger to his supporting armour moves around the house with a section. A close assault results in the pita team being driven off.

 The platoon 2" mortar drops smoke in front of the Jerry tank but not before its bombardment of the woods edge severely damages one of the platoons section.
 German platoons in position waiting for the final assault on the woods.
 The German armour standing off, their supporting infantry preventing the British from leaving the cover of the woods.
 A successful German assault wipes out Cpl Quaver and his crew. A series of firefights and close combats force the British back from their positions, they also lose the platoon Piat & Mortar.
The Germans have pushed into the woods, and having the numbers on their side, Captain Jacobs reluctantly orders Lt. Baggs and Sgt Smith to pull out their men. The British conduct an orderly retreat.


  1. Nice looking board - and you've given me more inspiration to finish up my 15mm troops for some iabsm action.

    Also very enjoyable write up. Good balance between pics and commentary.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

  3. Very nice! I quite like all these war games.