Saturday, 5 February 2011

German Infantry Company for Platoon Forward.

Company OC Hauptman Malwitz: A gifted commander very loyal to the government but with a pessimistic outlook.

1st platoon OC Oberleutnant Urtz: An average commander but cunning with a keen interest in engineering.

2nd platoon OC Feldwebel Breiding: A sensible but poor commander, motivated by increasing his position  in life.

3rd Platoon OC Feldwebel Gunter: An average commander. Hedonistic and addicted to living life to the full.

MG Platoon OC Werner: An average commander, obnoxious and looks forward to the next bottle.

The company started as a Regular company at full strength and its current strength varies with combat losses and replacements.

How the company is represented on board is dependant on the rule set being used:

In Crossfire it could be 1CC, 3PC  and 9 stands plus HMGs

In PBI 1CC, 3PC, 9LMGs and 18 rifle stands plus HMGs

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