Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Platoon Forward

As I play most of my games solo I thought I would give Platoon Forward a try.

It is a generic system for adding personalities to your game, generating scenarios and random events.

It is split into three sections, each section can be used independently of the others. Section one generates the personalities of the unit, section two generates scenarios and section three events pre game, during the game and post game. It consists of over 50 pages with plenty of examples of how to interoperate the various tables.

I am going to base my games on a German company during WWII, but it can be used with a little tweaking for other periods. All references in Platoon Forward are at platoon level, but it scales up to company level with ease.

For my first game I will be using the PBI rules from Peter Pig, but plan to use other rule systems on a scenario by scenario basis.

Platoon Forward is available from toofatlardies for £7.00 on PDF.

The first game generated is a combat patrol with the objective of bringing back a prisoner. Look forward to the game report after the weekend.

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