Sunday, 15 January 2012

Armour Clash

I decided to play through the Skirmish Campaign scenario book "41 Drive on Minsk" using the IABSM 3 rule set. An article by Tom Ballou on converting the OOB can be found on the Toofatlardies Yahoo Group.

The Skirmish Campaign books are easily converted to most platoon or company level rules. Each scenario can be played out on its own or as a linked campaign. A base force is given to each side and variable attachments are diced for, giving a different game each time you play out a scenario.

The first scenario in Drive on Minsk is Armour Clash which sees elements of the 3rd Panzer Division bumping into advancing elements of the Soviet 22nd Tank Division.

German Orders: Exit at least four AFVs off the eastern board edge.

Soviet Orders: Exit at least two AFVs off the western board edge.

Game length: 10 Turns.

German Force:

5 Big Men

M/C Plt, 3 sections of 8.

Recon Section, 8 men in Sdkfz 251.

Panzer Zug 1, 4 PzII

Panzer Zug 2, 2 PzIII

A/C Plt, 2 Sdkfz 231

Russian Force: 

1 Big Man

Inf Plt, 3 sections of 10 men.

2 Plts, 3 T26s

A/C plt, 2 BA10s

ATG, 45mm

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