Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Armour Clash part two

 Not my usual type of game, an armour heavy meeting engagement in pretty open ground. I prefer Infantry heavy games with lots of terrain on the battlefield. This is the first battle in the drive on Minsk campaign as detailed in the previous post. Click on any picture to enlarge.

Start lines and the PLAN.
The Russian Infantry make great progress and reach the cover of the gully on the Russian right.
 German slow start and Russians great spotting.
The Panzer 3 Plt moves down to the gully.
 just in time to see the Russians deploying their ATG on the hill, they open fire.
 The truck is HIT get that gun into action quick!
 The Panzer IIIs clock two platoons of T26s moving into hull down positions.
 Russian infantry reach the edge of the wood as the Germans top the hill.

 With no big men to rally them the T26s tactics are to hold their position and fire from hull down positions.
 With their first shot first blood!
 Taking a chance when the recce bonus card comes up, they make a dash through the Russian infantry lines. Should have had them on overwatch. Just hoping the armoured car comes up before Tea Break.
With the Russians in their superior position the armoured duel is going against the Germans.
 Ivan gets the gun in position.
 The Russian armoured cars turn up and make a flanking move down the left ( two 6s & a 5 for movement). They then proceed to take no further part in the battle, a transfer to the penal battalion for whoever is in charge.
Those damn T26s are so hard to hit hiding behind that ridge.
 The German Recce armoured cars break loose in the Russian rear.
 Overview of the battle.
 German Company CO tries to restart the stalled attack.

 Those Russsian armoured cars threaten the German right. ( keen observers will notice they are not BA10s, I don't have any these are standing in ). 
Skulking at the edge of the wood !!!
 German recce turns back to fire on the rear of the Russian tanks.
 The crew of two T26s abandon their tanks ( Shock overtaking their morale ).
 One final salvo from the Russians takes out two PzIIs
 One T26 knocked out, two abandoned, one with a damaged gun and one immobilised.
One PzIII and three PzIIs knocked out and one PzIII immobilised.
 Russian infantry surrendering. ( should have had more photos of the infantry battle ).

 T26s panic with Germans front and rear.

A German victory, but a costly one. Only one T26 was knocked out, but their low morale and only one big man eventually took it's toll on them.
The battle could have turned out very different if the Russian armoured cars card had come up a few times.

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