Monday, 27 February 2012

Defending Kobrin - the battle

The table.
The Germans advance, the Russians have been spotted in the wood west of the river. 
 Ivan has prepared his defences in the woods.
 They await the inevitable assault.
 The Russian blind in the wood to the north is spotted as a dummy blind, clearing the way for the German 2nd platoon to move up the left.
 The German 1st platoon methodically take apart the inferior Russians, but it takes time.
Second platoon move into the woods, but impatiently the armour pushes too far forward on a bonus card. The very next card is Russian blinds and the 45mm ATG lets fly. With a well aimed shot the first German tank brews up, all bar one of the crew escape. The next shot finds its target and although it fails to destroy the tank it damages the main armament, putting it out of action. 
 The 45mm continues to hit the remaining tank, eventually the crew bail out expecting each new hit to turn the tank into a blazing coffin.
 The Russian crew find the range and punish the tanks !
 Second platoon move through the wood. Once in place they will have sight onto the Russian ATG.
 The Russian big man Ivor Varuka planning the defence from the cover of a wood.
The Germans having learned the lesson of impatience have moved into position to lay fire down on the brittle Russians. However the blank card ( marking the passing of a turn ) has not been kind to the Germans and there is only one turn left.
 The final position after 10 turns. The Germans were unable to cross the the river in the given time. When they did take a chance luck was against them and one armoured platoon was history. Steady fire upon the Russians reducing their effectiveness via shock worked well and given more time they would have prevailed.
A Russian victory however, they had slowed 3 Panzer Division.
The heroic ATG team remained at their gun to the bitter end.

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