Wednesday, 4 February 2015

African Disorder

African Disorder

The Situation thus far

Rasherstan is a small north African state, it has one international airport which is just outside the Capital City of Freetown and one sea port suitable for ocean going vessels,  Port Gladstone.

Elections produced a pro Western government earlier this year. Unfortunately fanatical religious factions having lost power in the country have tried to destabilise the fledgling government.

Recently the Rasherstan Enterprise board with the help of British Techstar, the micro chip company, have, in the north of the country, discovered substantial deposits of Taconium a rare mineral used in the manufacture of low power super fast nano chips.

Last month Rasherstan’s more powerful neighbour, The Peoples Independent  State of Dali ( PISD ) invaded the country, siting the persecution of the religious groups ( most notably in the vicinity of the Taconium mine! ).

The President, Youcef Tapioca, has called on western Governments for military assistance to defend the democratically elected government.

The USS Morgan Freeman, in the area on goodwill visits, has landed a small force of US Marines. 


  1. Nice name for a US warship. Curious to see where this goes.

    1. Thanks for the comment Michael, first scenario now up.