Wednesday 2 June 2010

First Game Using Blitzkrieg Commander II

My first game using these newly acquired rules was a simple affair, set in September 1941.

A German battle-group has been despatched to seize a village controlling a rail line.

The Russians have scraped together an infantry battalion with some anti tank guns in support, they have dug in on the outskirts of the village and along the rail line.

The board seen from the Russian side.


    CO (cv8)
           1 mortar 120mm
           2 ATG 45mm

    HQ (cv8)
           9 Infantry
           2 MG Maxims

Break point 8  (845 pts of 1000 )


   CO (cv10)
          2 support MG 34 in motorcycles
          1 support IG 75mm towed by truck
          1 Recce A/C 222

   HQ (cv9)
          9 Infantry Motorcycles

   HQ (cv9)
          1 Pz III, 37mm
          2 Pz II

    FAO (cv8)
          1 Art Unit, 105mm le FH-18

Break point 7 (1495 pts of 1500)

I didn't make any notes during the game, or take any photos ( only got my new camera yesterday ).
The following pics show the end of the game. A minor German victory, having taken 6 casualties, 1 off their breakpoint.

Ivan holding off the german armour with only Maxims and grim determination. (appalling German command rolls helped ).

German infantry have taken the Russian trenches and move into the village.

A close run game which could have gone either way.

The rules worked really well, no bookkeeping and after a couple of moves very little referring to the rule book. The Battlegroups utility on the website is excellent for producing a custom made play sheet covering all the stats for your battle group.