Tuesday 15 December 2020

solo game, Combat Patrol. I used the layout earlier in the week to play another game but thought rather than pack it up I would give Combat Patrol a run out. I hadn't played Combat Patrol for a few months but it came straight back to me ( it is such a simple game to get the hang of, its all on the cards ! ). Anyway pictures are at turn 3, The Germans have to take the village and clear the Russians in preparation for an advance by the rest of the company.
The Germans have a full platoon, the Russians just two sections. From turn three I add a blank card to the turn sequence deck, when that card appears the Russians dice for reinforcements. The Germans need to act quickly before the Soviets build up. The Germans do have the advantage of two extra blue cards in the turn sequence deck that only they can activate on.
Turns 1 and 2 see the Germans advancing with section one and two moving into good fire positions while section three moves to outflank the Ruskies. First blood goes to the Russians when they open fire at long range and cause a casualty on section 1.
However by turn three the two German sections are in place and engage the Russian second squad in the wood, killing two and wounding three. The Russian second squad gets pinned and can now only activate on black cards until it activates on a black six. This squad will need to pull back into the wood asap or risk being wiped out.
Look out for Turns 4 - 6 coming soon

 Turns 4 and 5 see the Russian first section falling back into the woods but not before one rifleman returns to take one more shot at Jerry ( morale check effect ). The Russians get support from a T26 which moves steadily up the road, just in time to see the German section leaving the wood to chase after the Russian first section.

Section three of the Germans fire fight with the Russians in the village, killing three and driving them out suffering only two wounds in return. But as the Russians leave the hut they cheer as the T26 rumbles into view.
What will happen in turn 6 and 7 as the Germans have no anti-tank weapons !
( From turn 4 onwards when the random event card comes up I check for reinforcements. I roll two dice and have to roll 3 or less on each die. 1 pass = possible reinforcements if none have arrived already, 2 passes = definite reinforcement, a double = roll on the armour table. The Russians rolled double 1 Uraaah ! ).