Thursday 10 March 2011

La petite ville fran├žaise

A Platoon Forward Game
My units are infantry, other units are allocated on a scenario by scenario basis. Below is the battle report.

The Briefing

Through a combination of manoeuvre and combat the regiment has gained a position on the enemy's flank.
Your battalion has been ordered to deliver the "hammer blow" by rolling up the enemy position. Your battalion is once again in the vanguard. There has been no time to arrange artillery support, but you will have the element of surprise.
Aerial view of the town square take from the east.

Aerial reconnaissance suggest that a  French Battalion HQ is located in the town. The French forces are lightly dug in and mainly facing east. They are in company strength with at least one anti tank gun and a high likelihood of one or more tanks. (The defence is set with markers and until they are spotted or the French commander wishes to activate them their exact composition is unknown).

The town square, location of the French Battalion headquarters.

German OOB

1st Company & 2nd Company
CC +1, HMG
3 Plts. each
PC +1, rifle groups x3

3 x Pz38t
Pz38ts thread their way through the woods.

Pre game events reveal three French positions, giving me some much needed intelligence.

Move 1
Company 1 advance through the woods the 38ts are just out of shot.
Move 2
Pz38ts break off left intending to strike deep into the rear of the french. Company 1 continues its advance through the woods. Company 2 still in reserve till we can identify French positions.
The French muster their forces realising the Germans are striking for the rear of the town!
( In pre game events the French commander was Bold, uncharacteristically, and would be quick to react, hence the activation early of some French defenders).

To be continued !