Saturday 5 February 2011

German Infantry Company for Platoon Forward.

Company OC Hauptman Malwitz: A gifted commander very loyal to the government but with a pessimistic outlook.

1st platoon OC Oberleutnant Urtz: An average commander but cunning with a keen interest in engineering.

2nd platoon OC Feldwebel Breiding: A sensible but poor commander, motivated by increasing his position  in life.

3rd Platoon OC Feldwebel Gunter: An average commander. Hedonistic and addicted to living life to the full.

MG Platoon OC Werner: An average commander, obnoxious and looks forward to the next bottle.

The company started as a Regular company at full strength and its current strength varies with combat losses and replacements.

How the company is represented on board is dependant on the rule set being used:

In Crossfire it could be 1CC, 3PC  and 9 stands plus HMGs

In PBI 1CC, 3PC, 9LMGs and 18 rifle stands plus HMGs

Russian Civil War

Another project started ! White Russian troops for a game in November. Peter Pig army box, a long way to go yet.

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Friday 4 February 2011

France 1940

Well my first game with Platoon Forward saw my German Company tasked with capturing a prisoner during a combat patrol against the french lines. Moreover only two platoons were allocated for the task. Support came in the form of one HMG from the company support platoon and Battalion HQ laid on a pre planned mortar strike.

The scenario required my troops to engage the french for at least four turns, inflict casualties and capture some prisoners.

I chose 1st and 3rd platoons commanded by URTZ and GUNTER respectively.

The French forces were placed as blinds, there are three types A,B and C. Blinds A will likely be an infantry section, blinds B could be heavy weapons and blinds C could be HQs or even armour. This allows you to set up a credible defence but not know exactly what you will face.

Next I diced for pre game events, luck was on my side with Gung Ho, company morale was high. This increased my chances of motivating my troops to engage in close assault.

Table seen from the German side, French units are dug in.

The artillery strike was planned on the right flank in front of the villa extending to the field.

Move 1

The strike was on target, killing one rifle stand and pinning the rest.

One section assaulted the pinned troops in the scrub killing another rifle stand and pushing the rest back.

The section captured some wounded French left in the scrub ( Result ).

In the centre a fire fight ensued with the dug in French section losing out to two German sections in the woods. However one French rifle stand hung in preventing any advance by the Germans.

Two French HMGs, one each side of the road poured fire on the German units but to no avail.

After four turns I retired my Platoons off the board having lost just one rifle stand, the French had lost two full sections.
The HMGs protecting the road.

A Major victory!
After action events make good my losses with replacements from Battalion HQ and the promise of an extra weapons team on our next outing.

Did Platoon Forward work?

1: The differing blinds allowed a credible defence and actually worked very well. Not knowing exactly what would the blind would represent but having knowledge of the probable units.
2: Any decision for the German force was helped by having a personality for the platoon commanders.
3: Random events anything from reserves to leadership tests add uncertainty.

Thumbs up for our first outing.

Next Blog I think I will layout my German  company OOB.

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Platoon Forward

As I play most of my games solo I thought I would give Platoon Forward a try.

It is a generic system for adding personalities to your game, generating scenarios and random events.

It is split into three sections, each section can be used independently of the others. Section one generates the personalities of the unit, section two generates scenarios and section three events pre game, during the game and post game. It consists of over 50 pages with plenty of examples of how to interoperate the various tables.

I am going to base my games on a German company during WWII, but it can be used with a little tweaking for other periods. All references in Platoon Forward are at platoon level, but it scales up to company level with ease.

For my first game I will be using the PBI rules from Peter Pig, but plan to use other rule systems on a scenario by scenario basis.

Platoon Forward is available from toofatlardies for £7.00 on PDF.

The first game generated is a combat patrol with the objective of bringing back a prisoner. Look forward to the game report after the weekend.