Thursday 13 January 2011

Gifts from Santa

Well I have been too busy to do much before Xmas, so not much to update.

Santa was kind enough to bring me a Peter Pig boxed army for the Russian Civil War.

I think you get the bases, casualties and standard bearers for free. All the figures were the usual high standard for Peter Pig, very little flash and really good castings. The first ten stands are done and I have now started on the colour companies.

I am going to try out Red Actions, a set of free rules from The Perfect Captain.

Each stand represents a platoon, between three and six stands to a company.

Over the holidays I did get in one game of Modern spearhead with my mate Tim, but didn't get any pictures, I would like to replay the game using Cold War Commander to get a feel for how different they play. The game, Syrians vs Israel, went well and was most enjoyable we should play more games.

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